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Agung & Sue Watering Hole

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Agung and Sue WATERING HOLE is one of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant in Sanur Bali. Agung and Sue WATERING HOLE Number I, II and a Special Private Suite are located in Sanur.

“Amazing Place with Amazing Services.”

The accommodation offers an inexpensive nice clean room with beautiful garden swimming pool with special Balinese wall decorated which shown a nice combination between great materials that match with the surrounding nature and its unique architecture as well as Bar and Restaurant and Traditional Balinese Treatment.


Agung & Sue Watering Hole Dormitory Sanur Bali is located on the North of Sanur on the second floor where we can watch all the Balinese Daily Life and Sanur Tourism.


Watering Hole Bar & Restaurant is a nice place to chill out. Offer great meal and drink with affordable price. Watering Hole Bar & Restaurant opened for years. Our first start is from the icy cold beer bar and fish & chips.


Come for relaxing and a healtier skin, body and mind. We offer Nature Traditional Balinese Products. Involved your self in the atmosphere.

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