Skincare and Barbershop

Come for relaxing and a healtier skin, body and mind. We offer Nature Traditional Balinese Products. Involved your self in the atmosphere.

Facilities: Swimingpool, Gift Shop, Shop, CarRental

Menu Barber Shop & Skin Care:

  • Traditional Balinese Massage RP 100.000,-60 minutes
  • A therapeutic deep tissue massage using the pressure of the palms together with traditional Balinese spice-infused oils to create energy and a feeling of well-being
  • Aromatherapy RP 80.000,-60 minutes
  • Full Body Massage with essential oils based on Acupressure points with an oil chosen to reflect your mood – be it relaxed or energetic
  • Hot Stone Massage RP 120.000,-70 minutes. The Heated Stones used in this massage are ideal to reduce muscle tension and induce relaxation
  • Reflexology RP 100.000,-60 minutes. A traditional ancient therapy of foot massage identifies tension points throughout the body and alleviates any pain by using the body meridians to balance the body
  • Thai Massage RP 100.000,-60 minutes. A massage that pulls, twists and manipulates your body into a harmonious balance. This is achieved by exerting pressure on the body meridians with the use of the masseur’s feet, palms, thumbs, fingers, and elbows.
  • Back Massage – to relieve tension RP 50.000,-30 minutes. This therapeutic massage, concentrating on the tight neck, shoulder and back muscles is designed to alleviate pressure on those who are extremely tense.
  • Natural Balinese Facial RP 80.000,-60 minutes. A facial treatment using Balinese essential oils which deeply cleanses through exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin.  The Ingredients of the treatment are especially selected for your skin type – among them are local herbs, carrot, aloe vera and seaweed This facial will leave your complexion glowing.
  • Manicure or Pedicure 50.000,-60 minutes. The Watering Hole’s Manicure and Pedicure include a comprehensive shaping and cleaning of the nails. A nail varnish application will ensure that your nails remain healthy and well manicured.
  • Creambath Hair Treatment RP 75.000,-60 minutes. This unique and popular Balinese hair conditioning treatment includes a head and neck massage to stimulate blood circulation. It softens and strengthens hair follicles and gives extra shine to the hair.
  • Waxing RP 100.000,-30 – 60 minutes. Waxing is the most effective type of hair removal from unwanted areas – bikini line, legs, etc.
  • Package: Wellness Package 1 Rp 120.000, Include:Body Scrub, Massage,Face Mask
  • Wellness Package 2 Rp 160.000, Include: Massage, Manicure, Creambath
  • Wellness Package 3 Rp 150.000, Include:Facial, Foot Massage, Creambath